Annual Event of the EU Innovation Hub 

The 2023 edition of the EU Innovation Hub for Internal Security Annual Event took place in Brussels, Belgium, on October 3, focusing on the theme “Shaping responsible solutions for internal security.” Approximately 180 participants attended, including representatives from various EU Agencies, the European Commission, and agencies and institutions from multiple EU Member States, as well as Member States Permanent Representations. The event featured several panels aimed at fostering discussions on crucial security topics, such as key enabling technologies, regulatory sandboxes, encryption, access to data, and the implementation of EU security research outputs. Aligned with the primary objective of the Innovation Hub, which serves as a cross-sectorial EU platform, the event aimed to ensure coordination and collaboration among all innovation actors in the broader field of internal security.

Within the event, Polícia Judiciária, in collaboration with other security practitioners, was invited to showcase several of their innovative projects to the event attendees. The objective was to disseminate information about ongoing innovative initiatives and strengthen collaborative efforts with external stakeholders. In this context, Polícia Judiciária had the opportunity to present various innovation projects from its portfolio, including the ENACT project. Promotional material for the ENACT project was also distributed among event participants to further enhance project awareness and dissemination.