CERIS workshop on ‘Innovating Smart Cities Resilience through Research and Best Practices’

CERIS workshop on 'Innovating Smart Cities Resilience through Research and Best Practices'


11 April 2024    
All Day


CERIS, Brussels

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The CERIS workshop – ‘Innovating Smart Cities Resilience through Research and Best Practices’ addresses the pressing need to strengthen the resilience of urban centres against complex challenges in an increasingly interconnected and technology-driven world. Today, cities face complex threats ranging from cyber-attacks to environmental degradation stemming from climate change.

This event will look at how research contributes to bolstering security, technology, and urban planning in improving the resilience of Smart Cities. It will discuss how to integrate security by design principles into spatial development, while fostering collaborative efforts across sectors, for instance by empowering communities as active stakeholders in resilience-building endeavors.

Furthermore, the event will be an occasion to facilitate networking and the exchange of knowledge between policymakers, practitioners, researchers & academia, industry, and civil society. By highlighting security gaps and needs, EU policy priorities, and future scenarios, the event continues the work of CERIS in fostering a collective vision for European resilience.

More Information: https://home-affairs.ec.europa.eu/whats-new/events/ceris-workshop-innovating-smart-cities-resilience-through-research-and-best-practices-2024-04-11_en