CERIS – Impact of Climate Change on Security Practitioners

CERIS - Impact of Climate Change on Security Practitioners


21 May 2024    
09:00 - 16:30


Le Bouche à Oreille
Brussels, Brussels

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Climate change is high on both national and European political agendas as all countries need to address the environmental challenges. With this workshop, we aim to focus some of this attention on immediate and future, but inevitable, impact of climate change on international and domestic security affairs and related policy implications.

Climate change no longer is considered solely as an environmental issue thus its implications are considered in a variety of contexts stemming from social, through cultural, agricultural, industrial to economic. The documented effects of climate change like global average temperature increase, rise in sea levels, and altered weather patterns generate security consequences, presenting new challenges to societies like intercommunal tensions, changes in rates and types of crime, new legislations and questioning the methods and technology the policing should be performed by.

Our ambition is to identify the most pressing trends and threats, and to propose actions that the research community can undertake to support the adaptation process.

More information: https://home-affairs.ec.europa.eu/whats-new/events/impact-climate-change-security-practitioners-2024-05-21_en