CYCLOPES (Cybercrime Network of Practitioners) Dissemination Event

Last week, ENACT had the pleasure of presenting at the CYCLOPES (Cybercrime Network of Practitioners) Dissemination Event. Hosted at the Austrian Standards Institute in Vienna, the event brought together more than 100 researchers, practitioners, policymakers and industry experts to share and discuss ongoing research and activities within the domain of the fight against crime and terrorism, particularly focused on cybercrime aspects. 

In the session, shared with the projects NOTIONES and EU-HYBNET, CENTRIC presented the overview of the ENACT project, its goals, expected outputs and how the FCT community can get involved by supporting and benefitting from the project.  The event contained a number of other presentations on topics interesting for ENACT including an overview of cybercrime in the context of DG Home and the European Commission, an overview of the Europol Innovation Lab as well as sessions on Child Sexual Exploitation, Cryptocurrencies, and workshops for EACTDA and ECTEG.